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誠徵 : 試驗經理-蔬菜及特用作物 (Team Manager, Crop Protection Trialing)

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The accountabilities of the role are:

  1. Manage to set trial design & implementation to meet product development strategy in collaboration with Product Biology.
  2. Advise team members on the design and implementation of field trials to meet the product development strategy
  3. Manage biological assessment of new project to check adaptability, set dosage/target & develop differentiated product concept
  4. Manage team to generate high quality data to support commercially driven product advancement decisions.
  5. To support to set and implement product develop strategy
  6. Collate technical information/data & deliver it to stakeholders in better, fast way
  7. Manage registration efficacy/crop safety trials to be submitted for registration
  8. Communicate with territory, region & global biology team to gather new technical information
  9. Proactively manage stakeholders to ensure that we understand how data is being use.